Le Pes Villas Resort Khanom and Sipascharapan Group is fully commited to developing a sustainable business. 

Socio-cultural and Heritage

Protection and appreciation of our home town are the most important duty of ours. We promote and focus on the authenticity of our local community and contribute to inter-cultural understanding and tolerance to conserve our traditional values. 





Trash, rubbish, garbage, or waste are the main sources of causing environmental degradation. The litters are washed up on our beautiful beaches all over the world or lying around everywhere. This is illegally disposed and it will affect long-term environmental issues. 

At Le Pes Cafe, we use biodegradable bags, coffee cups, lunch box, straw, and more to help reduce the effect of tourism business on the environment. Also, for printed papers, we use another side for notes. There are more activities and practices that we do to minimize effects to our environment and to protect our home town, Khanom.