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If you would like to wake up by the beach, our resort is not suitable for your holiday. However, if you would like to experience and learn about the culture and Khanom, here is the right place. We are located in Bang Phang Village area, two minutes to 7-eleven and Bang Phang fresh market walking distance. It is in the middle of Khanom, and to go to the beaches in the North and South of Khanom takes only 10 to 15 minutes by motorbike or car. The nearest beach within a walking distance is the beach in the Power plant, unfortunately, foreigners are often not allowed somehow. Watching sunset on Bang Phang bridge is quite pleasant. Bang Phang fresh market, Wednesday and Sunday evening for "Perd-Tai Market" (big market), but every other evening the market is smaller, but you will find fresh foods and fruits everyday.

"Dream Chaser"

Le Pes Villas resort Khanom came from true passion and desire toward hospitality and services; we plan, we design, we build, we craft, and we manage. We want to create a place where everyone can enjoy their precious moments with their loved ones that comes from our true identities with love and caring for our exclusive customers. Turning a palm plantation into a restful, comforting, and relaxing eco friendly resort that is perfect for a quiet getaway in Khanom. 


Every activity and practice is concerned and responsible for what we do to minimize the effects on environment and cultural heritage of our home town.


The resort is located in Khanom’s seafood business area , where all the seafood piers situated, only two-minute walking distance to a fresh market , convenience store, phamarcy. Also, it is very close to the Mangrove National Park, where tourists and locals can visit and volunteer to replant mangrove and forest. Khanom is and still untouched from a massive number of foreign tourists. It is located on the northernmost district of Nakhon si Thammarat, where tourists, both Thais and foreigners starting to visit our beautiful long beaches and experience our Southern Thai culture. It is a hidden paradise of Thailand's South Eastern coast.

Our Mission Statement

“Le Pes Villas Resort Khanom strives to promote sustainable practices in every possible way thru our process, products and activities. We aim to be an organic resort, where everyone can enjoy nourishing garden grow foods and organic amenities. It is also our mission to enthusiastically integrate sustainable best practices as well as to satisfy our internal and external customers."


A wholehearted restful place for  family, friends, and lovers to simply spend their time among shades of palm trees warmly.

Our Vision


Getting around Khanom, we would suggest you to rent a motorbike or car would be the best choice. 

Spicy food, in Khanom, we eat spicy. If you do not eat spicy at all you should say "Mai Ped" for the food you order.

Further Information and Reservation

Le Pes Villas, Khanom

24/45 Mhoo.8 Thong Nian, Khanom 

Nakhon si Thammarat 80210 THAILAND


24/45 หมู่ที่ 8 ต.ท้องเนียน อ.ขนอม

จ.นครศรีธรรมราช 80210

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